Ahmed Mahmoud

About myself


Growing up and studying in Jersey City, NJ, I always dreamt of one day becoming one of those people who discover groundbreaking new things that change our lives for the better. Through all of high school and part of college, I explored my options very carefully and finally chose the life sciences as a means of fulfilling my dreams and career goals. I attended New Jersey City University's Biology program in January of 2006. In my four years of study, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience working with laboratory equipment, various experiments and research. Although my education was well rounded, I found myself very interested in Cell biology and Molecular Genetics. My capstone research project dealt with the Sry Gene and its role in determination of sex in mammals. In May of 2010, I graduated with my Bachelors degree and went on to pursue more experience in my field. Shortly After, I attained a Masters of Science Degree in Molecular Biology with thesis projects in Bioinformatics.

My work experience has subjected me to a variety of fields in both academia and industry. more information about my experience can be found on my resume here. .